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 Transformice: October Map Making Contest

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PostSubject: Transformice: October Map Making Contest   Thu Oct 18, 2012 11:31 pm

[Only admins are allowed to see this link]


• Please submit your maps posting the @-codes, we will not accept XMLs.
• You can only submit one map per category, that's a total of four maps maximum.
• Editing posts is allowed until submissions are closed.
• All winning maps will be temporarily P1'd after one month and voted upon separately.
• You are not allowed to submit maps of higher rotation types (P3 - P9).
• Voting will be done by the Map Crew for all categories.
• Submission time is from 1st of the month till 20th.
• Winners will be announced on the 30th.
• All map codes must be submitted with the following format:

For category 1: Cat1@xxxxx
For category 2: Cat2@xxxxx
For category 3: Cat3@xxxxx
For category 4: Cat4@xxxxx

Where @xxxxx should be replaced with your map code.
For example, If you want to enter category 2, your map must be submitted with the following form:

Things to avoid:

• Don't put your submission in tags (this includes tags as quotes, color, etc.)
• Make sure you have typed it out correctly and seperated from other text.

There is prizes for the top 3 maps in each category:
First Place: Categorized Perm. Map and 700 shop Cheese
Second place: Categorized Perm. Map and 400 shop cheese
Third place: Categorized Perm. Map and 200 shop cheese

Category #1 is Trampoline

In this category you must use at least 1 trampoline ground, but the ground must be the key to complete the map. The trampoline should be part of the game screen where both shaman and mice must interact with it.

Category #2 is Circles

In this category you must use circle grounds! The gameplay must include them and you can also use other grounds, but try to make the map mostly circles. The map can be art, mechanism, racing, whatever you want. Just try to make it a fun map to play!

Category #3 is Freestyle

We had an enigma and now we have a new feature! Thanks to Tigrounette, we can now change the rotating speed and strength of rotating anchors! In this category the main feature is a rotating anchor. You can add movement speed or anything you want, but if you remove the anchor or change its position your map will be ignored. You can't change the rotating side too. Good luck!

Category #4 is Halloween

Halloween is coming and the witches will be released from their eternal dream! In this category, all you need is to make a halloween themed map. The map can scary, fun, whatever you want! Just remember to make a fun map to play with good gameplay!

XML Code for Category 3:

<C><P /><Z><S /><D /><O><O X="400" C="13" Y="210" P="0" /></O></Z></C>

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Transformice: October Map Making Contest
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